Electrical Cables

We supply a wide and varied range of approved electrical cables and flexes suitable for many types of installation. For appliances, you will need a flexible cord (flex), sizing will depend on length and the total electrical load of your appliance. For different types of appliances, we can provide the appropriate flex, with smaller sizes for lamps, kitchen appliances, power tools and white goods; and heavier varieties for larger appliances, such as storage heaters. We also stock cabling with different forms of insulation for a variety of purposes. If in doubt, please talk to one of our advisers and we will discuss the correct cable option with you.

Here at Avonvale Electrics, we supply domestic flexes all the way through to industrial control and supply cables. We also have cable distribution partners located throughout the UK which means we can also source a large amount of cables and cable equivalents. For those “must be the same” specified cable jobs we’re able to source cables directly from European suppliers.





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